Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

Hiatus : The Rift

Oh yes, from some crazy am tomorrow we shall begin the weekend of squee!! I get to meet up with all my girlies again in good ol' London for the Friday, where we'll no doubt get ourselves worked up into a right titz over the fact that on Saturday we'll we joining the masses of lucky fans who nabbed up tickets to THE RIFT!! Oh yeah flist, Caspe's ovaries will not survive past Saturday night I'm sure ;D

Not sure when I'll get back online (well, unless we have a few drinks and snag the internet connection in the hostle like the last time. Ahem.) so consider me oh hiatus till you hear from me again!
For those of you who know the real life drama: the mother one is doing brilliantly! Had her surgery today and when we saw her this evening she's looking amazingly well for someone who's just gone through the op she has. So am very relieved and feeling high from said relief. I'm feeling so much less guilty for going away this weekend now too. Yay for new shiny hospitals and doctors that actually know what they're doing!! XD 

All my love, flist!
Tags: [!] mini-hiatus, event: the rift, mood: squeeage, real life: mother

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