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So the results for tw_fandom_award went up last night and omg I actually made the list with three of my fics! Colour me gobsmacked because seriously, with the awesomeness that I was up against I really wasn't expecting it at all, I was just so chuffed to have made the nominations list that to actually have 'won' on any level has completely knocked me for six! My mood has suddenly improved a great deal ;) heh

The categories/fics I made the list for are:
Best Crossover : 3rd Place : Just Like the Wind [TW/Heroes | Ianto/Peter]
Best Gen : 3rd Place : Coffee Comfort [Ianto, Tosh]
Best PWP : 3rd Place : Shapes That Go Together [Jack/Ianto]

The fact I'm anywhere near the PWP list is just... it makes me laugh so hard. Are you people crazy? Seriously!? XD MY PWP!? God, who knew I had it in me!! hehe. 

Many, many thanks to everyone who nominated and voted on my fics, I have so much love for you guys. It's amazing to be up on the lists with so many other great names. A great honour to be honest. And congratulations to everyone on my flist who also made the lists! ::cracks open the champaigne:: Anyone fancy a celebration? ;)

Another thing I feel like celebrating is the fact that (even though I won't find out if I've made it through round 2.02 of writerinadrawer), I got my entry for round 2.03 completed last night and am so very pleased with how the piece turned out. Once again I was pushing the word limit but it was so much... well, I won't say "fun", but it was definitely interesting and has gotten me in the mood to explore certain similar themes in an expanded piece ::deliberatly vague:: I figure if I get kicked out this round (a likely possibility, but I'll talk about that once the results go up) then I can just edit this 'entry' and turn it into a proper ficlet and... yeah. I'm inspired for it, just not sure when I'll have the time to play around with it what with the mother situation and my NVQ3 project work.

Speaking of which! In regards to my NVQ3 work, I just got word back from my assessor about four pieces of work I submitted a while back and have discovered that my grades are sitting at three A's and one B!! OMG. I don't think I even did that good when I was at school! lmao. So am very excited and definitely in the right frame of mind to keep going with my self-impossed deadlines. If nothing else the tediousness of it all keeps my mind from wondering and thinking about the things I really don't want to spend too long contemplating, so it's all good!

Which reminds me! I feel I should make mention to you guys that I've officially pulled out of doing tardis_bigbang. Most of you can probably guess why, and for those who don't, all you need to know are that there are some real life things going on at the moment that are stressing my brain so hard that I know I wouldn't be able to cope with the deadlines they're working to for the rest of April/May. See? I can look after my mental health when I really need to! I am gutted that I had to pull out, but when I started deleting huge chunks from my working draft because I was having an 'off-mood' about the whole thing, I knew it was time to take a step out. There's perfecting and over-perfection and I was going extreme on the latter of those. But huge fangirly hugs to everyone who has been cheering me along. I'm sorry I couldn't keep it going but can promise that it'll be out at some point this year ;) consolation much? haha. 

Okay. I think I've molested ya'll with enough word vomit for one evening, so am going to toddle on off and get the latest NVQ3 module typed up and printed to keep the boss happy. Then I'ma come back and peer at the screen from between my fingers to see the results for Team Pterodactyl in writerinadrawer. Wish me luck?
((I am going really, just one more thing I have to note: to anyone who saw a post up on my LJ about bookshelves? Yeah. They weren't mine! I downloaded LJ mobile and now everytime I take/recieve a picture my phone automatically tries to post it to my LJ. I need to edit my settings but basically that post was actually a message I recieved from a friend. Thank goodness she didn't send me anything compromising! ;D))

Tags: [§] word vomit, challenge: tardis_bigbang, challenge: writer in a drawer, fanfiction: awards, real life: nvq3: pharmacy services

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