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writerinadrawer : round 2.01

Team Pterodactyl:
Theme: Boy's Night Out - you may only use MALE characters from Torchwood (or male original characters) in your story.
Added Feature: Your story must take place outside of the Hub,
Word Max: 250 words.  Excluding headers, your story must be 250 words or less.

My entry for the first round of writerinadrawer's second round was "Till we ain't strangers anymore", and focused on Ianto and PC Andy meeting in a gay bar Ianto had gone to with Jack and Owen for an apparent 'boys night out'. Ianto openly propositions Andy.

My feedback for this fic sits at:

"Score: -1
I think this is slightly OOC of Ianto. Where I can believe Jack would take him to a strip club, I do not believe he'd be that *outright* with Andy.

Now, I'll be the first off the mark to agree that Ianto comes across as a far more confident character than the likes of which we've been privy to in the tv series (though of course, if we took "Fragments" into consideration, this point could be argued ;D) thus far. But you know what, I like Ianto like this. I adore writing him as this minx-like character who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go out and grab it. I don't feel it's necessarily out of character for him, but it's definitely not how most other people are prepared to view him. 

I realise however, that- having made it through round one- I shall have to watch how I'm portraying my characters. The voters are definitely more critical on these entries than they perhaps would be on any random fic update and I don't really want to give them a reason to vote my future entries into a drawer! 

Anyone want to throw their own two cents in and tell me what you thought about the fic? Go on, I can take the criticism!! ;)

edt: to add, that they weren't actually at a strip club as the feedback claims. They were just in a gay bar.

Tags: challenge: writer in a drawer

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