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TWFanFic: Till we ain't strangers anymore [Ianto/PC Andy]

Title: Till we ain’t strangers anymore
Rating(s): PG/13 Rated
Pairing(s): Ianto Jones/Andy Davidson
Notes: Written for  writerinadrawer challenge 2.01 “Boys Night Out”. Added feature was for the story to take place outside of the Hub.

 - - -

Now what’s a boy like you doing in a place like this?” Ianto Jones purred, sidling up to the bar and a rather rumpled looking Andy Davidson; the very last man he’d have envisioned hanging about one of Cardiff’s most notorious gay bars.

“I could ask you the same thing!” Andy blurted, flushing as he recognised Ianto who smiled at him before flagging the waiter and ordering a beer. Ianto sipped his drink slowly, watching Andy intently over the rim before cocking his head and holding out his hand, offering Andy a share. Andy stared at him blankly.

“If you don’t-?” Ianto began only to have Andy snatch the drink from his hand and gulp down a few mouthfuls.

“Boys night out.” Ianto said with a widening grin.

“What?” Andy asked, frowning.

“What I’m doing here.” Ianto answered. “Jack’s idea, of course. Though apparently Owen’s always wanted to do it with lesbians.” He shrugged carelessly before laughing as Andy suddenly choked on his next sip.

Nimbly, Ianto snatched his beer back. “Now, what are you doing here?”

“I’m er…” Andy mumbled, stammering himself into silence.

“Looking for someone to go home with?” Ianto invited, watching as Andy’s cheeks darkened almost guiltily.

“I- er… I’m…” Ianto put his glass down and stepped up towards him, his intention clear.

“Coming?” He asked, raising an eyebrow before sliding past the policeman and heading towards the exit. He turned last minute, reaching out a hand.

This time, Andy didn’t hesitate.

- - -


- - -

Tags: [&]: [m/m]: ianto jones/pc andy, challenge: writer in a drawer, fanfic: torchwood

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