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Sunday, the day of... pimpage!?

I feel I should note that it is actually Easter Sunday today. Despite the fact I celebrate it in neither the 'yay chocolate eggs!' nor the religious sense. You see I don't actually like Easter eggs. And I'm not the religious type either. So, instead of spending my day hunting for easter eggs, rolling hard-boiled eggs down a hill and reiterating the story behind Easter and Jesus' resurrection from the dead, I instead went to the pictures with my two sisters to see 'Meet The Spartans' which omg was fabulous in all senses of the word XD

Not only did we get ghey Spartans, tight leather pants, spray-on six packs and a lorra-lorra ROTFLMAO, but 'Hercules' and 'Leonidis' also shared a snog because that's apparently how Spartan men greet each other. I may possibly have squeed out a "Yus!" thanks to that scene. But that's okay. Half the cinema did to ;) Alas I have been unable to find so much as a whisper of a clip of the actual moment, which is making harem_ent cry because I've been teasing her about it since I got back home and she's like madly inlove with Hercules or something! heh, sorry babes!

Okay, okay! Ghey love and Easter ramblings aside, I'm really here because I'd like to pimp ya'll a couple of things that I've been meaning to do over the past week or so, but never got around to because, well... you know me!

Pimpage, the first: tw_fandom_award

They've extended their voting deadline till March 26th, which gives you only a couple more days to head on over and cast your votes on the entries nominated! You can read the guidlines on voting [ here ], see the nominations [ here ], and then cast your own votes [ here ]! So what are you waiting for??

Pimpage, the second: thestopwatch

Because I'm a glutton for punishment and couldn't resist signing my life away up to this Jack/Ianto fic exchange! Thusly, I implore you, my beloved flist, to head on over and join the madness! The more Janto authors we get signed up the better ;) heh. Go read the guidelines [ here ], sign your own life away [ here ], and then go nab a banner/code and pimp the comm out on your own flist from [ here ].

Gosh, only two things? I thought I had more to say ;) Maybe later, heh, as methinks today may turn out to be the day of spammage too. Oopsy? XD

Tags: challenge: thestopwatch, fandom: torchwood, fanfiction: awards, movie: meet the spartans, pimpage

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