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Collectormania : Kai Owen talk

Collectormania G-Mex : 9th March 08
Kai Owen’s Talk



Please note that there are some spoilers in regards to upcoming episodes of Torchwood here.
Will there be a Series Three?
Yes, there will. Series three is set to start filming in August, even though there’s still no official BBC press release on there being a series three. This of course will mean that we won’t be seeing S3 till sometime in the new year :(( though fingers crossed it won’t take them another year to bring the series back to our screens! 
Will Rhys be in Series Three?
Rhys will be in series three- which has alleviated my worry that Rhys was being set up to be killed off this series. This also means that Jack/Gwen will not be happening anytime soon! Although…
Would Rhys end up getting his heart broken by Gwen?
Kai admitted that, yes, he did think that Rhys was going to get his heartbroken by Gwen and that it might be because the writers would try to set up the Jack/Gwen pairing. Much ‘awww-ing’ ensured at this, because we all heart Rhys and do not want to see him hurt anymore by Gwen!
What’s your favourite episode, that you were in?
His favourite episode to be in was ‘Meat’ because he loved playing to the green screen (he told us, incase we didn’t already realise, that there wasn’t actually an alien whale there! Lol).
 He also however said, that upcoming episode 12 “Adrift” was maybe an even better episode because he has a large roll to play. Namely: he is left in charge of a building full of weevils along with PC Andy! YAY!
What’s your favourite episode, that you were not in?
Kai said it had to be “Countrycide” because he thought it was a brilliant idea. He also said it hadn’t put him off the idea of camping (which he loves doing)!
Would you like for Rhys to become an official member of the Torchwood team?
No, he wouldn’t. Kai said he’s like for Rhys to keep going the way he’ll be going for the rest of series two- being involved every so often with Torchwood but did not want his character to become a fully fledged member. Namely because he was sure he wouldn’t survive long if he were!
If Rhys could date anyone else from the team aside from Gwen, who would he date?
Why, Toshiko Sato of course! (at which point mention if Tosh’ ‘Kiss-of-Death’ was brought up and he laughed and agreed a bit with that assessment).
If you could be anyone else from the team, who would you be?
After some humming and hawing Kai finally settled for Captain Jack, because he gets all the fun!
If you were a girl (much laughter ensured at the start of this question) would you date yourself?
To which Kai quite vehemently said that no he would not because he’s a North Wales bloke and knows what they’re like!
Would you consider working behind the scenes (aka, as a writer/director/etc)?
Not really no. He certainly finds thing like how the camera’s work and stuff fascinating but he definitely prefers being in front of the camera and has no aspirations to give that up anytime soon.
Will you get to keep Rhys’ clothes/that blue bathrobe?
Probably yes! And he rather likes that blue bathrobe too!
Are you glad that after being a rather ‘limp’ character in Series One (with cooking the dinner and watching Wife Swap), Rhys has actually become a ‘proper’ sort of character?
Limp!? He laughed at that reference before agreeing that yes, he was glad he had a larger role to play. Kai admitted that Rhys was never supposed to make it past episode four, but due to the way Rhys and Gwen played off of each other his character was kept on. Thank goodness!
Other points to note:
-         Kai also mentioned that there’s an upcoming episode where Gwen starts to question whether she wants to carry on with Torchwood, that she believes it’s all too big and that she can’t go on, and that it’s Rhys who convinces her to keep going because she’s needed.
-         I'm not sure how it came about (maybe after we all squee'd over Kai's comment about him and PC Andy looking after the Weevils) but Kai said we'd need to get a PC Andy Bear to go with the rest of them (see my post on Collectormania G-Mex for more about the Torchwood Bears or check out torchwood_bears for info) to which about a dozen of us yelled out that there already was a PC Andy Bear and that he was currently in Wales!
I’m afraid that’s all I can remember off the top of my head guys! If anyone can remember other bits and pieces please do let me know and I’ll add them up!
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