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hello flist!

Home safe and sound after heading down to Manchester for Collectormania. T'was an awesome weekend! Met up with most of my girlies and some wonderfully random new people too. There was drama. And squee. Soso much squee! But ya'll will have to wait till tomorrow before I regurgitate all the details for you as I'm absolutely knackered. It'll be a tasty experience I'm sure! 

On a slightly unrelated note, galaxy_songlet me know that John Barrowman has finally announced Scottish dates for his booksigning tour! OMG YAY!! And I so totally want to go, just to see him again XD alas that there's no way I'ma make the Glasgow one (I've no more holidays to take and that one falls on a Saturday.) But I probably can do the Sunday one in Edinburgh :D just so long as I find someone crazy enough to come with me. ...any volunteers? ::hinthintnudgenudge::
Tags: actor: john barrowman, event: book signing, event: collectormania: g-mex '08, real life

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