April 28th, 2013

Whitechapel \\ Kent; crying

[Whitechapel] to take the pain away (1/5): to keep the pain in [Chandler/Kent]

to take the pain away 1/5 ([archiveofourown.org profile] );
Whitechapel: series:
37stitches to keep the pain in
Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent;
PG/13-rated, 7341words;

Set post S2. Life goes on, but moving on proves to be harder than Kent imagined it would be.

} chapter one; to keep the pain in
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a/n: I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get this last story in the 37stitches verse started. I won't bore you all with my reasons, but I will promise that I'm actively working on it now. I've planned all five parts (including this one) and pending no life-altering emergencies I hope to have all of them finished and posted buy the end of this coming month. No doubt galaxy_song will hunt me down if I go back on this promise, so no worries ;). All my love and thanks to everyone who's been reading and reviewing the series thus far, you guys are amazing and continue to fuel my love of these boys.