April 21st, 2013

Whitechapel \\ Chandler&Kent; close

[Whitechapel] a touch of cloth [Chandler/Kent]

a touch of cloth ([archiveofourown.org profile] );
pre Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent;
U-rated, 832words;

Written for the whitechapel_itv kinkmeme: Kent wearing Chandler's clothes, preferably at work after something happens to Kent's clothes […] Up to the author how well the clothes fit and how much of a reaction this draws from Joe.

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So, it’s been a while! Can’t believe this is the first piece of fiction I’ve posted since… August last year. Holy shit! I don’t think I’ll be breaking any writing records this year at the rate I’m going.

But hey, at least I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing, right? And thanks to some friendly encouragement I thought I’d start off by trawling the Whitechapel kinkmeme. As you do.

For anyone still actually interested in reading more of my [ 37stitches ] verse, I’ve been inspired (read blackmailed) by my friend galaxy_song to get a move on with it. She’s holding one of her own Whitechapel fics hostage and won’t tell me what’s going to happen until I return to writing the last part. Grrr! But it’s working so maybe I’ll thank her when I’m done ;)

I hope everyone is still well and… around? Livejournal has been more than a little dead from what I’ve seen on my occasional flist trawls. Where is everyone hanging out nowadays? I’m missing the distinct lack of community we used to have on this site!