September 19th, 2012

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} The Adrien English Mysteries

So does anyone remember that time when I tried to make you all read [ The Adrien English Mysteries ] and most of you just sort of blanked me because... well actually I have no idea why most of you refused to give them a shot! Really I'd be all kinds of offended by your obvious lack of faith in my abilities to rec you the good stuff, but that's neither here nor there.

You see, after another successful year of Tribe on Tour, the girls and I decided to swap our kindle libraries with each other and as a result I've finally managed to get more people reading this series with the same amount of shameless flailing and squeeling and ASDFGH ~FEELINGS as I had the first time around (dancy_dreamer and indiefairy I'ma looking at you especially!). You guys have no idea how excited I am at just the idea of being able to share this amazing series with everyone! Because everyone needs Adrien in their lives <33

And thus, in the spirit of keeping the momentum going I thought I'd once again try to spread the love with you all, beloved flist!

click on each cover to be taken direct to the Kindle e-book on
(and, yes! I am using the more tasteful covers this time round! Aren't you proud!?)

'Yeah, yeah,' I can hear you all saying already, 'you're telling me I need an Adrien in my life (whatever that is) but you haven't told me why!'

Well, dear flist, let me educate you! The first thing you need to know about Adrien-with-an-e is that he's the best character ever and I dare any of you not to read these books and fall so head over heels inlove with him that you don't want to just wrap him up in cotton wool and keep him all to yourself for the rest of his life. No seriously. Your protective instincts for this boy man are going to go through the roof as he goes about his ameture sleuthing (did I mention he's a gay mystery writer with the unfortunate luck to get himself involved in real life murder mysteries? As if his life wasn't already dramatic enough! jeez.)

But it's not so much his ill luck with murder that'll have you turning the pages, mostly it's his ill luck interactions with a certain Detective Riodan that'll have you flipping through pages like there's no tomorrow. And, so far as I'm concerned, until you've gone from book one through five with nary a breath, there is no tomorrow. Where Adrien is the sort of character who will make you want to hug the life out of him, Jake's the sort of one who'll make you want to strangle the life out of him! And I mean that with all the love in my heart. 

These books with make you laugh, they'll make you cry, they'll make you want to punch things and hug things and cheer out loud. They'll make you want to text your friends at gone five in the am to squee about something you've just read ;D

They'll take you on on hell of a rollercoaster of ~EMOTIONS, but it's one that's well worth the ride!

And as a bonus once you're finished the series, let me introduce you to... THE INTERVIEWS!

Not only has Josh Lanyon given us such amazing characters in his Adrien English Mysteries, but he's also let them answer some of his interviews for him too! ASDFGH. 


} An interview with Jake Riordan ~ set after The Hell You Say
} An interview with Adrien English ~ set after The Hell You Say
} An interview with Adrien & Jake ~ set after Death of a Pirate King
} An interview with Adrien & Jake ~ set after The Dark Tide. This one really helps end the series, ties up a few loose ends <33 

Don't say I'm not good to you! ;)