August 5th, 2012

RP \\ Joe/Tom; con, Inception \\ Arthur/Eames; close

[Inception] (letting you see) a different side of me [Arthur/Eames]

(letting you see) a different side of me

By CS WhiteWolf

Artist: pere_chan
Beta: dancy_dreamer
Rating(s): U-Rated.
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames 
Word Count: 14,000approx.

( main artwork | additional artwork )

When Eames calls Arthur in at the last minute to help him with a simple Extraction job, he does so with the knowledge that Arthur is, and always has been, the best.  But the Arthur Eames knows doesn't doubt himself or fall asleep at tables and he'd certainly never, under any circumstances, wear a crumpled suit.  The Arthur Eames knows has never been this vulnerably human, and it’s... well it’s all very endearing really, even if Arthur doesn’t quite agree.

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