July 11th, 2012

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{ waiting for the world to change its mind }

I realise that I've barely been using this journal for more than the occasional post about how absolutely awesome living in Cardiff has been (onto my sixth month now, guys, can you believe!? And it feels more like home than Scotland ever did!), and to post the occasional piece of fiction. This makes me sad, especially since it's also a result of no one else really posting to LiveJournal anymore either D: 

So, on that note I thought I'd try to remedy my blogging absence (because I know how terribly you're all missing my word vomit. Don't even try to deny!) by giving you all a wee update on what I'm up to fic-wise at the moment, because, well, baby steps, and all that jazz.

I'm still working on what was to be the last part of my '37stitches' verse. The plan was to churn out another thousand-or-so fic and then maybe have a wee cry a little over the fact I was finished writing these boys for the time being. My muse on the other hand has decided that this is a terrible idea and has given me enough content to either add a few more one-off's to the verse, or to turn the last part into an actual chaptered piece. I'm still working out the details, but I do promise I'm working on it! I have a couple of fic commitments atm that have kept me from properly focusing on this series, but fingers crossed I'll have something sorted come the end of this month/beginning of the next one depending on how my other works pan out. As always, thank you to everyone who's been keeping up with this verse, you guys are the best and I really can't wait to share more with you all <33

I signed up to once again pinch-hit for the suits_exchange. I like the idea of doing pinch-hits because there's that added pressure of coming up with something in a shorter space of time, the only downside to this being that even though I may have ~all of the ideas ever omg, I can’t necessarily make myself write them. This ended up being the case with my Suits fic and I had to force myself to pull what pretty much equated to an entire day in front of the computer pulling the words words out of my uncooperating muse. Seriously. I'm not sure if it was because my fic was a total angst-fest and secretly I just wanted to make everything better or what, but thankfully in the end I did come away with a fic I was relatively satisfied with, and which, (thanks to dancy_dreamer’s ridiculously ego-boosting comments upon said fic which she helped beta) I felt I could submit with confidence. The fic has since been posted to the exchange and I’m really ridiculously relieved and pleased to find that the recipient loved it! Phew. The reveals should be posted up come Friday, so once that’s done I’ll be sure to link you guys. I know a few of you have been keen to read it after all my emo postings about it on twitter a few weeks back ;)

As you may be aware, I signed up to help mod the i_reversebang challenge this year, and so instead of choosing to write my own piece I decided to save myself incase anyone ended up in need of a pinch-hit (you're sensing a pattern here, aren't you?). And since I can’t bear the thought of someone going without after all the work they’ve already put into their piece, when the option was given to me to take one on I immediately jumped at the chance. That was around about the time practicality hit me and I had a mini-freak out because I haven’t actually played in Inception fandom for ages now and asdfg what on earth was I going to write!? Thankfully, after spending a couple days rewatching the movie/reading all my favourite fics, I’ve found myself falling back in love with the fandom & the Arthur/Eames dynamic, and I’ve realised just how much I’ve missed these boys- ugh, how did I ever leave them!? I’ve since come up with a workable plot and am in the process of conferring with my artist to see what they think about it. So, fingers crossed for that. The fic isn’t due until the first week of August, but I’m feeling ridiculously inspired atm so I’m hoping I’ll be done sooner than that if my artist likes my ideas.

These are the three ‘biggies’ I guess you could say, but I do have a [ list of things ] I’m working on/hope to have finished come the end of this year. I’m sure a few more challenges/pinch-hits will appear between now and then though. Apparently I’m a total sucker for putting myself under these kinds of deadlines! XD I think it has something to do with knowing that I can’t just pull out of them (like I tend to do with almost every bigbang I sign myself up for), and that someone has already put in so much of their own work already that it’s the least I can do to give them something back.

Is anyone else on my flist working on fics/challenges at the moment? I feel so out of the loop with you guys. It’s like no one exists on LiveJournal anymore. It’s feeling very decidedly like a ghost town!