August 29th, 2011

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let's talk about fic, baby!

So, ae_match has come to an end after a fabulous three months of fic and art. As you should all know, I was on team angst, and though we're still waiting on the final tallies, I'm pretty sure team romance whipped our asses this round! Still, I had a great time, and though I didn't post as many fics as I wanted to, I'm pretty damn proud of the ones I did get done, not least for the fact I got to work with some fabulous people and make some super awesome new friends. 

Incase you missed the fact that pretty much all my journal has consisted of this month is ae_match entries, here's my super tiny masterlist!

amid the falling leaves [Arthur/Eames; PG-Rated; 771words]
beneath my skin (co-written with khasael) [Arthur/Eames; PG/13; 814words; art by essouffle]
can't help falling [Crossover: Inception/(500)days of summerVerse: (500)days of Eames; Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Summer (past); PG/13; 3012words; art by essouffle]
darkest before dawn [Arthur/Eames; U-Rated; 1484words]
haven't you ever loved some boy? [Arthur/Eames; PG/13; 416words]
kiss me (down by the broken treehouse) [Arthur/Eames; U-Rated; 1150words; art by essouffle]
let it all out [Arthur/Eames; PG/13; 536words]

Aside from an amnesty round for ae_matchmaybe commencing from September, I'm now turning my attention to two new challenges I've signed up for. Yes, yes, I can hear you all groaning already! Do try to keep your super shocked gasps to a minimum when I tell you that these two new challenges are infact two BigBang challenges! XD I know, who saw that one coming, right?

inception_bang | Blades of Glory (working title) | wherein I plan to write a fusion with Inception/Blades of Glory XD
Starring Eames Michael Michaels and Arty MacElroy! After an altercation that sees both men stripped of their gold medals and banned from men's singles skating, Eames and Arthur must learn how to work together to exploit a loophole that will allow them to skate again as a pair!
hahaha omg I am all kinds of ridiculously excited about this fic already asdfghjk!! 

eagle_bigbang | Ballet Boy (working title) | another fusion idea wherein I plan to mix up The Eagle/Step-Up/Billy Elliot. 
I don't have a working summary for this one yet but I've been dying to write this idea ever since watching these movies one after the other one dreary Sunday XD IT WILL BE EPIC OKAY?! 

Sooooo... don't suppose any of my beloved flist is already signed up to one of these challenges? And if not... can you be tempted into signing up? ;D If you really can't be tempted, just what are you writing that far more important than these?! :P