April 28th, 2011

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OMG YOU GUUUUUYS! I have actually just this second FINISHED my i_reversebang  fic and OMG IT IS BEYOND GLORIOUS TO FINALLY BE DONE WITH THIS BEAST ASDFGYUJ. Don't get me wrong, I had tremendous amounts of squee (and emo!) over the writing of it, but with it totalling in at around 35k I am more than happy to be done with it. And just in time too seeing as my posting date is tomorrow... today? XD haha. omg THE RELIEF I HAVE RIGHT NOW. I'm going to celebrate by collapsing into bed XD and will return bright eyed and bushy tailed for posting at some point tomorrow evening. WISH ME LUCK, GUYS, OKAY!? And I promise after tomorrow you may never have to hear about this beast ever again. maybe. <33
Inception \\ Arthur; writing

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By CS WhiteWolf


Artist: paperflower86
Beta(s): canyousayhot (all), gelbwax (start-level two), sirona-gs (level one)


Fusion: Inception/Super Mario Bros.

Rating(s): PG/13.

Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames (established), Cobb/Ariadne (non-established).

Character(s): Ariadne, Arthur, Cobb, Eames, Fischer, Saito, Yusuf, & Ensemble Mario Enemies.

Warning(s): Temporary Character Death.

Word Count: 35,000approx.


Fischer's found out about the Inception Job.


In an elaborate attempt at revenge on the team that infiltrated his mind, Fischer has them kidnapped and forced into doing an extraction job for him. Only, when they enter the dream, it’s to find that Fischer has sent them into a world very much in likeness to that of… the Super Mario Brothers?!


What starts off as fun and games soon morphs into a terrifying race against time as the team hurry to complete each level in their quest to save their princess and fight the monstrous creature keeping her captive at the end!


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[ Also available in full on AO3 ]