January 11th, 2011

Criminal Minds \\ Gube; teeth, RP \\ Gube; teeth

{ smiley happy people }

I can has snuggles with him, y/y?

In other news, apparently it's my birthday on Friday. I say apparently because I keep forgetting it's really that close :S I'd planned on just passing it by without much ado but I've been told by multiple parties that this is simply not an option and have been roped into organising a dinner and cocktails evening for Saturday. Which, is obviously going to be all kinds of fun and much better than spending another night in front of the laptop, rewatching dvds and writing fic... okay, well not much better, but I'm sure the alcohol will keep me distracted enough to ignore any itchy fingers! XD

Speaking of itchy fingers, anyone else on my flist doing THE FIVE ACTS MEME?! If you are, gimme a hollar and I will do my damndest to write some super hawt porn awesome fic for you, seeing as I'm on a roll with the writing and all. I've only written two fics so far but am planning on making up for that before the meme finishes on Thursday! Especially as I've already recieved three super amazing fics myself!

In other writing news, Inception has taken over my brain. I may or may not be 5000words into an Arthur/Eames fic and with no end in sight.

I may also be dreaming.

I'll let you know once I do ;D

...now where did I put that damn totem!?