March 8th, 2010

Legion \\ Michael

[SPN/Legion] There but for the grace of God go I [Dean, Castiel, Michael]

There but for the grace of God go I;
Supernatural/Legion: Dean, Castiel, (Legion)Michael;
U-Rated, 1396words;
a/n: this is an AU verse, set post Legion but during the apocalypse storyline in Supernatural.
In this piece, in order to keep the Winchesters safe in their journey to both end the apocalypse (as depicted in both SPN & Legion) and protect the newly born saviour of human kind (as depicted in Legion), Michael convinces Castiel that falling is his only option if he wishes to stay with the Winchesters.
You do not need to have seen Legion in order to read this story.

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♥ if you have no idea what Legion is shame on you! I demand you first go and watch the trailer [ here ] and then visit the website [ here ] and then promptly get your arse down to your local cinema and get this beyond awesome movie watched!
♥ for those of you who do have a clue as to what Legion is about, let’s chat! I loved the whole thing very much and would love to share views (and slash goggles! ..though, to be fair, we didn’t really need them for the Michael/Gabriel, did we?) and whatnot about the movie.
♥ as a bonus for Legion fans, I hope you’re all aware of the amazing graphic novel set pre-movie? And if you’re not you can watch the first chapter [ here ] before heading over to amazon or something and snapping up your own copy of the book. It’s good stuff, I promise! And this coming from someone who doesn’t like comic books? You know it’s got to be all kinds of awesome ;D