February 9th, 2010

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{ I've said too much, I haven't said enough }

Gosh it's been a bit of a while! I'm not entirely sure where the last three weeks have went to, to be quite honest, but least to say I've not been nearly as busy as I more than likely should have been. My big plans to write-write-write in that whole "no strings attached" kind of way kind of dive bombed itself on me and then I had to drop out of one of my bigbangs so I started feeling sorry for myself until this week, when I finally gave myself a kick up the backside and I think I'm back into the swing of things. YAY!

§ apocabigbang : this would be the one I dropped out of. My idea for this one centered around a Torchwood/Supernatural crossover with the TW verse mirroring the events of the SPN 5.04 verse. We see Britain ravished by the Croatoan virus and a new "Torchwood" set up to deal with the threat of the croates. Ianto gets resurrected by Castiel (who was brought back to be Michael's new vessel because Dean still won't say yes). So, Ianto gets resurrected, then gets captured by this new Torchwood which contains some very familiar faces, not all of whom are happy to see him. They're suspicious of him which leads to his distrust of them and he eventually decides there's nothing for him in this life and says yes and I'm sure you can picture what happens after that. It sounded pretty good in my head. Kind of depressing, but hey, it's an apocalypse, right? Except every time I tried to bring Ianto back to life I just... couldn't. Without getting into this too deeply, I'm kind of wondering if my love affair with Torchwood is well and truely over. I haven't written a proper TW fic since... series two O_O and we all know how long ago that one was. So, well, push came to shove and I decided to cut my loses on the writing of this story because I just couldn't bring myself to write about Torchwood. I don't think I really care about it anymore. This revelation and my consequential dropping out brought on the "feeling sorry for myself" part of the three weeks.

§ help_haiti : the wonderful indiefairy  won my auction for a 1000word piece of fiction from me. I'm trying to make this piece one of my top priorities since she ended up paying £10 for my services ;D so hopefully I'll be getting the piece she requested from me done sooner rather than later. I am of course flailing so hard over the writing of this one because  omgsomeonepaidformyficandomgit'sgoingtosuckwoe  I feel more than a little pressured to make it very awesome, heh.

§ deancastiel  Secret Angels III: So we got our assignments sent out for this one. Very exciting! I was slightly miffed upon first recieving mine because my recepient seems to really like humour/requested humour and well... I'm not really an "on demand humour" kind of gal (and even said as much in my "will not write" section :S). However, I've picked a prompt I like. It's got the potential to be somewhat amusing if nothing else. And there's more than likely going to be alot of porn of one form or another to make up for any dodgy attempts at the lulz. It may end up being all porn, come to think of it. Possibly kind of angsty too if I know what I'm like. But we'll see! ;D

§ sncross_bigbang : not made all that much progress with this one in terms of actual writing. My goal of reaching 5000words this month, as you can guess, failed. But I've done quie a bit of work on the plot side of things so I'm feeling very confident about it on a whole. The idea for this one centers around a Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover, set in the SPN verse with John and Dean on the trail of a werewolf. They get into a spot of bother, Dean gets injured (I'm still toying with just how badly ;D) and ends up being looked after by Snape and Lupin who survived the war in Britain and fled to the states to live out the rest of their lives in peace (ha.). Pairings wise, Snape and Lupin are together. I am however toying with the idea of adding either a bit of Snape/Lupin/John or Lupin/Dean to the mix, but I'm still not completely sold on anything. Hrmmm!

§ spn_j2_bigbang : definitely my most favourite piece to be writing of the lot, hands down. I'm so excited over my idea for this one you've no idea. I'm kind of keeping my plot under wraps for the most part, but I will share that it's a "monster of the week" type story with Dean and Sam picking up on a case where a certain number of youths go missing every so many years. They decide to investigate and along with Castiel, head off to solve the case. Things... don't go quite to plan. They all end up in one of those life-or-death type situations with a bit of fuck-or-die (Dean/Castiel) thrown in for good measure. They may or may not all get out of it in one piece. Mu-hahahaha... heh. Just kidding. They all survive. Maybe ;D This story promises to be be gloriously dramatic either way, if I have any say over it, which I do, so there.
Those of you crazy people doing any of the challenges I made you sign up for am, how goes your writing? Tell me all! Your dramas, your triumphs, any and all things going on with your fic challenges.

Everyone else, how are you guys?! XD