December 22nd, 2009

RP \\ Misha/Jared \\ can touch you

{ can't believe how you looked at me

§ Journal: I've spent all evening watching the old Indiana Jones films and redoing my journal layout. Yes, I do have twenty-million other things I could (read: should) have been doing but this was way more fun! ;D

I've been trying to find some new graphics to use as a header and a F/O banner but so far have found diddly squat so I'm sticking with my Torchwood banner/animations and no header for the rest of this evening at least!

My productiveness, let me show you it! XD

§ Festive Wishes: I lie a little bit actually, I also went through some of the wish requests on my [ Festive Wishes ] post (which'll officially close Thursday evening for anyone still dithering over whether to make a wish or not) and I've pretty much picked a wish from everyone so far and started making *plans* for them. It's kind of exciting actually!

§ Dean/Castiel Fireplace: On top of this I made some notes for my dc_fireplace  entry (due 12/Jan). I get the whole day to post so am swithering over whether to just write/post the fic I'd inititally planned or to write a series of interconnecting drabbles or something to post over the course of the day. I'm not really sure, but I assume the fact I tend to leave these things to the very last minute, no matter how early on I start thinking about them, will eventually decide on which way I go with this XD

In related news, I participated in the [ drabble-tree ] which kicked off day one of the fireplace (it sadly didn't end up as popular as it could have, alas). The idea was to take a phrase from a previous drabble and write your own drabble including that phrase. I thought I'd share my wee contribution for those interested:

Collapse )