December 12th, 2009

Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ Festive Wishes and Christmas Cards }

Festive Wishes;

...'tis the season and all that jazz, and in an endeavour not to be the Grinch of Christmas that I usually am ;D I'm offering to grant my beloved flist a wish or two over the festive season!

Having nabbed this rather delightful idea from zeitheist , the way this works is that you get to request up to three wishes; wishes for things you'd dearly love to recieve, be it a fic or a picspam or a handmade Christmas card, you can wish for absolutely anything at all (all I ask is that you make it something I can actually begift you!) and I shall hopefully be able to grant you one of your wishes this side of Christmas.

This post is also doubling as my Christmas Card Post, so if you'd like one instead/ontop of the Festive Wishes make sure you say Y to the "Christmas Card" part and remember to include your address!

Christmas Card: Y/N
Wish #1:
Wish #2:
Wish #3:

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