October 29th, 2009

Merlin \\ Merlin; broody

{ truth and bone }

§ Collecto-London: So, I know we're all still in recovery mode from The Hub3, but I was wondering if anybody had started making plans about Collecto-London yet? Ideally I'd like to know which days people are planning to stay in London. I know the Saturday evening is a given, but is anyone planning to stay another night either before/after this one? I'm looking to start arrainging my travel up and it'll be easier if I get it done sooner rather than later! ...Also, linking in with the "how long", I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the "places to stay" front?

§ The Hub4: I should hopefully be finding out whether or not I can get the dates for The Hub4 off when I pop into work tomorrow. I have this horrid feeling my boss won't give me an answer tomorrow though but will spin me her infamous "leave it with me" line which translates to her saying she'll look into it but never actually doing so and me having to pester her about it weeks/months down the line until she finally caves and gives it to me anyway. Ideally I could be doing without that kind of hassle, because I'd love to book tickets for it asap, so keep all your fingers crossed for me guys! 

§ On Writing: I have less than two weeks to finish my tw_bigbang peice and I've yet to touch it since getting the thumbs up for it. Eeep. Actually, make that less than a week since I'll be starting Caspe-Wri-Mo come Sunday and probably won't have much time to do more than one thing an evening once November starts. Double eeep. ...it's a good thing I've stocked up on Irn Bru, that's all I'm saying!

For the record, which of you lovely flisters are doing Caspe/Novo-Wri-Mo with me this year? :)
In other news, put in my "resignation" for torchwood_three the other day. I'm kind of saddened to be giving up my regular slot after having been doing it for so long (since it first started way back in November 2006, in fact! Gosh. I didn't realise it'd been that long!), but I've gotten to a point where the fandom side of Torchwood does nothing for me anymore and having to code most of the content going into the newsletter recently has become more of a tedious chore than anything, and I don't want to begin resenting my involvement with it, so I figured it was better to "get out" whilst I was still in a relatively good place with it. I've asked to stay on as a backup though, I don't think I'm quite at the point where I can or want to cut all ties completely! X)