October 17th, 2009

Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ to many sails, not enough breeze }

§ tw_bigbang: my posting date has been relealed as being the 13th November. I am both giddy with anticipation and sick with nervousness at knowing this. The 13th also happens to be a Friday, but since my experiences of "Friday the 13th" have always leaned towards the positive side then I'll take this as a good sign. Nevertheless, whatever happens, this is my date and by jove it'll be posting my fic on it! XD

In a related note, thanks to erin_giles claiming my fic for art (ILYSOHARDTHANKYOU) there are now only two stories still waiting to be claimed for art:

The Darian Con (Jack and Ianto are private detectives. Their client, Gwen Cooper, asks them to find something she’s lost. Criminal scumbaggery ensues.)
Tynghedau ([...]Bilis Manger and TorchWatch attempting to destroy present day Torchwood to save the future[...])

Again, if there is anyone on my flist willing to create some kind of fanwork for either/both of these pieces [ please head over and do so ]! They both sound like kick-ass fics and I'm looking forward to reading both. I am particularly keen to see some artwork for Tynghedau because HELLO! BILIS MANGER IS IN IT OMG. I'm practically on bended knee proposing to this story on that basis alone, so getting to "see" it as well would just be awesome, so um... someone claim it asap? You'd be doing me the world a public service, honest! ;D

§ Collecto-London: MY TICKETS FOR STUFF ARRIVED TODAY HOMG! I got all wibbly seeing zeitheist post pictures of her tickets having arrived this morning and was all "woeisme, where's mine?" XD but they arrived shortly after lunchtime and I AM SO GIDDY OMG AT HAVING MISHA'S FACE ON A TICKET THEM IN MY HANDS EEEE. Also, my Supernatural Talk ticket? NUMBER TWO, YEAH BABY YEAH! who the hell beat me to the number one slot!? ...anyone else get their tickets today? :D

§ The Hub3: 6 DAYS TO GO! ...this weekend shall be spent preparing for next weekend, heh. I have my St Trinians outfit sorted sans tie (which I may not bother with to he honest). My repo/moulin rouge/rocky horror outfit is... more of a mesh of things I already own (fishnets, boots, shorts, corset-style top, etc) so probably won't be all that spectacular, but whatever. I'm just really looking forward to spending time with my girlies ::snugs you all:: and hopefully meeting up with some of you other flisters attending too :) ...I still haven't got a clue what I'm getting the guests to sign :S ...anyone got any ideas?
In other news, today has been spent watching the rest of Fringe Season One. Unexpected Leonary Nimoy FTMFW! XD

How has everyone elses' Saturday been so far? :)