September 13th, 2009

RP \\ Misha Collins & Castiel Bear

{ who'll have mercy on your soul }

So.... you'll never guess who's going to VanCon next year! WHY YES, IT IS ME! XD and I'm so psyched for this omg. I know I've been talking about wanting to do more conventions and how I'd love to do one oversees and all that jazz BUT I TOTALLY NEVER EXPECTED TO BE DOING IT QUITE AS SOON AS THIS ZOMGEE ::flails::

Ok, so, it's like a year away- August 2010, to be exact- but that's still so goddamned close! I'm really far too excited over this. I can't believe I'm GOING TO VANCOUVER FOR A SUPERNATURAL CONVENTION! I need to keep remembering to breathe everytime I think about this. It's going to be beyond epic! I'll be teaming up with the wonderful timecakefor this (because ya'll know I can't do anything without a little hand-holding!); she's a wicked influence on me and my credit card and totally bullied me into agreeing to go :P ILUSOHARDBB <33

At the moment only Jared Padalecki is signed up as a guest so far, but ya'll will keep your fingers crossed I get me my Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles too, right? Because I would actually die a happy death if I got the ménage à trois for this thing XD ::spazzes::
In other, related, news:

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