July 28th, 2009

Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ this used be a fun house! }

It's sort of just occurred to me that it's been almost two weeks since I last updated LJ. I'm sure I meant to do it way before now but it seems like something else always came up. There was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (in which the good parts were brilliant and the bad parts were terrible), then I got sick (I claim a cold, my workmates claim a cross between the plague and swine flu ;D, either way everyone survived), then there was LFCC (which was ace in so many ways, even if I couldn't fully enjoy it due to aforementioned sickness), then I came home and feel like I haven't had the time to do much of anything. Which is very strange because I don't recall being exceptionally busy or stressed either at or outside of work. Hmmm. Makes me wonder just what the hell I've been doing for two weeks because I sure as hell have nothing to show for my unexpected hiatus O_o...

...so, umm, what have I missed?
ps. I hear Torchwood is getting a fourth season. Interesting. Theories on what we could expect? I hear Ianto shall be rising from his grave in the first episode. Really he was just in a state of hibernation. Honest!

pps. The new Doctor Who "The Waters of Mars" looks way awesome, omg. I'm so psyched for it. That and DT & JB's antics at comic-con endear them to me so hard. I haven't laughed quite so much with JB in a while and his whole fanboy flail/faint was just superb XD

ppps. Does anyone know about these Supernatural spoilers that everyone is hinting about but no one is actually talking about because everyone's being all spoiler-phobic for some reason and damnit but I just want to know!? XD I suspect I probably know all of the good ones, but it's hard to tell with everyone being all mum on the matter.

pppps. I've signed up for two fanfic challenges. One Supernatural. One Torchwood. You can all point and laugh at me when I fail to complete either of them. Trying to prove I can actually write really just ends up with me proving that I can't actually write. It's a vicious circle but apparently one I refuse to get out of. Woe.