June 24th, 2009

Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ the boy who sparkled }

I was going to make a huge big shiny post about how I'm absolutely stoked about the new series of Torchwood and how we're being terribly spoiled, in the good way, with all the novels and audiobooks and the upcoming radioplays... but for the past few days Torchwood has been far from my mind. You see, I've been reading copious amounts of Harry Potter/Twilight crossover fanfics after accidently stumbling my way across some and now... well... you see... I'm sort of addicted O_o... it's like the novels all over again, once you start reading you just cannot stop. And, like, some of this stuff is actually good. Honest! I'm not just reading for the shallow pretty that is Harry/Edward or anything. Maybe. ...somebody send help?

Also, I've totally not been thinking of all the fics I could be writing for this crossover.