May 27th, 2009

Star Trek \\ Spock&Kirk; fight

{ for a moment of your time }

Hello, beloved flisters!

I hope everyone had a kickass weekend? Because I sure as hell did ;) spending a weekend in Cardiff (an unexpectedly sunny weekend no less) with my girlies and seeing both John Barrowman (and unexpected!David Tennant!) and Star Trek was beyond awesome. There was much banter to be had simply hanging out together and I find myself missing everyone so very terribly already! Well, them and the Welsh Cake Ice-Cream, which omg, should be sold all over the place (much like diet Irn Bru should, because omg withdrawal!) it's that good. No lie. Ice-cream has never tasted so good as when you're sitting out over the bay with blistering sunshine overhead and a tub of Welsh Cake and Chocolate ice-cream. Mmmmmm.... excuse me whilst I bask in the remembrance a moment...

So! Now that I'm back, and feeling relatively well rested and at home (it's raining again, how much more "home-y" can you get in Scotland, really?) I've begun preperations for the impending weekend of EPIC SQUEE!!!11one!11! Yes folks, it's FINALLY time for Asylum3 and OMG can I stop bouncing all over the walls already? I managed to contain myself very well over the past weekend, I don't think I even initiated all that many "oh, and did I mention I'll be at Asylum3 next weekend!?" "And I'll be getting glomped by Jensen and Jared!!" "And omgee did I tell you Misha is going to be there?!" conversations either. How proud of me are ya'll? XD But now that I'm back home and off work till after the convention it's like ALL I can think about. I started making lists for what I need to pack (girlies, PJs are at the top of the list again. I shall endeavour to follow said list this time!) what I still need to get from town, and what I need to print/book/etc before Thursday in order to be ready to fly out at the crack of dawn Friday. ASDFGHJK IT'S SO CLOSE NOW GUYS, ONLY TWO MORE SLEEPS, UNGH I CAN SMELL IT ALREADY!!!

And breathe. In a bid to calm myself a little in readiness for bed, I'm off to read some more of the Star Trek novel I purchased at the airport on Monday. It is all kinds of exciting guys, and I recommend everyone rushes out to buy their own copy asap. It's like seeing the movie all over again, except with loads of extra added bits (like, omg Spock's baby ears! ::gushy sounds::). And, even though I went to see the movie tonight (last night?) for my sixth showing, I feel that the book shall now be more than enough to satisfy my overwhelming need to watch this movie on repeat. Any time I get the urge to see Spock Star Trek I can now flip open my book and voila! it'll be just like the movie. Just without the moving pictures. Satisfied Caspe is satisfied.

...Umm. My moodtheme is doing nothing to express the level of my flail right now. Why so un-chipper chipper!Castiel?