April 6th, 2009

Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ I look into your eyes, I want to get to know you }

§ re Asylum3: ASDFGHJ MY TICKET ARRIVED TODAY!!! I flailed so hard omg, I cannot tell you how excited I am for May to come right now! XD Apparently I'm ticket #1188 ...which is kind of "O_o" because, dude, how many people are actually coming to this thing?!

I still need to buy photo tickets for Jared and the J2 squeeze ::swoon:: and an autograph ticket for Jared for myself. But I know some of you (absinthefairy88  and galaxy_song ?) wanted me to get you an autograph from some of the guests... let me know if this is right or not. I can buy up to two extra autograph tickets per guest at £20 each. So lemme know if/who you want. If anyone else wants auto's let me know and I'll try my best. All these things go back on sale on the 16th of April and I'm pretty sure everyone and their grandmothers are going to be online trying to snap up tickets so I'm making no promises other than to try. Also I'd need the money paypal'd/sent to me by the 16th as I'm strapped for cash and doing some serious saving for the actual event.

Is anyone else on my flist coming to this event (aside from absdax, ir0nically_no, and brummy_gal;D) and fancy meeting up at some point during the weekend? It'd be simply fabulous to meet up with some UK fans, esp as this'll be my first Supernatural convention! XD I'd especially love to meet some Dean/Castiel fans!

Also, am I right in thinking we have to bring our own things to get signed? What's everyone taking with them? :S

::incontrollable flailing::

§ re tardis_bigbang: I have made like zero progress thus far and no amount of headdesking or peptalking is putting me in the mood to write. Anything. My muse has kidnapped my mojo and run off into the sunset, I cannot find the will to chase after them and beat them back into submission. Woe.

I currently have around 1000words of plottage written towards my Torchwood Camping AU. I think it could be a pretty good fic if I'd only manage to pull my finger out and start writing the damn thing. That and actually make up my mind about just where the whole thing is supposed to be headed. There's only so far "I want the team stranded in the woods" and "weird shit starts happening" can take you before you start scratching your head and trying to figure out an honest to god plot.

That said, I do have around 2000words written/potted out towards my Jack Harkness/Ross Jenkins piece. I know most of you felt I couldn't drag this one out over 20,000words but I finished writing the "plot" the other night and I think if all else fails it could actually work. But only if I fail with the Camping AU. I really want that one to work, damnit.

Still, we won't panic just yet. I still have around three weeks to get at least 15,000words of my fic written. Easy done. just as soon as I catch that damn muse, of course

§ In other news: Monday's are beyond boring. Watched Kings. And caught up on House. Did washing. Tried and failed to write. Refused to clean room. Read some Dean/Castiel but feel unfulfilled. Almost read Torchwood fic before laughing and wondering wtf I was thinking even entertaining the notion. Trawled through far too many entries on the friendsfriends flist. Procrastinated on everything and anything in order to avoid NVQ3 work. I AM SO FRIGGEN BORED OMG. How's everyone else doing? <33