December 14th, 2008

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asdfghj flist!!!

§ re Asylum 3: omg flist! [ Jensen Ackles has just been announced for Asylum 3! ] That's DEAN omg. AND CASTIEL. OMGEEE. I have to go now. There is like no way I can *not* go. omg. omg. It's like the weekend before the Cardiff JB meetup but I DONT CARE, I cannot miss this. Is there no one on the flist interested in going? or anyone on the flist going that I can maybe come say hiya to so I don't look like a complete nigel?? ::flails like a mad flaily thing:: GUYS!!

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§ re thestopwatch fic: dudes, I am so almost finished! XD ...which is good because today is infact the start of the [ Holiday Bang! ] and the 14days of Janto. I'm sort of hoping my piece will get posted before the 22nd (because that's when I leave for S.A. and I probably won't have internet access for a while/if at all once I leave, until I come home sometime in January). And I kind of want to know what everyone thinks of my fic sooner rather than later XD haha. Hey, I've worked hard on this beast, it's totally allowed!

I won't be mentioning the word count anymore (save to say 15,000words? Pfft!) and that I'll be changing my working title too, since it is supposed to be an anonymous fest and all, but I will let you guys know when it's finished and stuff. Also, just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who's been cheerleading me on with this fic. You guys are so awesome and have really kept me going. Keki especially with all her smexy attempts at boosting me into productiveness (which mostly turned me into lumps of gibberish goo, but MAN they were worth it). <33
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It's Christmas....!!!

As I'm sure everyone probably knows by now, I'm going to South Africa for Christmas this year (leaving at some godaweful am hour on the 23rd), so in order to celebrate the festive season with my family this end of the atlantic, we decided to have Christmas dinner this evening. And you know what that means, right? It means that I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PRESSIES TONIGHT XD XD XD

As a result of this I'd like to introduce everyone to my new baby...

Introducing Misha Toshiko Hepburn (yes, because even pets need first and last names!):

Misha, is an artifical Husky who actually breathes! Her wee tummy rises and falls as she breathes and she makes the cutest little purring sound ever and the bestest bit about it all is that my (real) baby, Shelly, already adores her so I don't have to worry about her being clawed to pieces when I'm out! XD I am beyond psyched by this present! heh.

[ Misha and Shelly ]

My mother was all like, "Now, we've kept it fed and looked after it for you." And I was all like "O_o omg what did you get me!?" And then she told me to go look by the front door so I ran out the room and found this box with holes in it waiting for me. I was so timid about opening it until I saw the small sticker of a husky on the side and then I was all "OMG YOU GOT ME A HUSKY ILYSOHARD!" And then I found out it breathes and yeah. I am so inlove with it. I can take it to SA with me, YS? ::makes wibbly faces::