December 9th, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

A quick flail and OMG CHRISTMAS!!

asdfghj! The total word count for my thestopwatch fic atm is just under 9000words (omg I think this is the most I've written for one non-chaptered fic like ever). And um. It's still not finished. I know exactly what's going to happen and when it's going to happen but omg the words, they are just not ending! I have at least an additional 2000words of plot filled notes sitting here to fit into the rest of the story. And all this to do in the space of maybe five hours tomorrow evening? ::snorts:: It's so not going to happen. I'm kind of worrying that I'm rushing the whole thing though, and that it'll read that way too :S but I'll have to flail over that once the whole thing is at least written. No time to be a perfectionish atm. omg.

But enough of that! Flist! I know, I know, finally it's here- that long awaited and (I'm sure) eagerly anticipated... 

Christmas Card Post! YAY.

Here's how we're going to do things: you comment with your name and your address and I will send you one! X) ...that sounds simple enough, yes? And if you want to send me one back (which you totally don't have to) just ask for my address in your comment and I'll reply with it. I will keep all Christmas Card related comments screened, yes even the ones I reply to because I'm awesome like that, so no one panic over their details being shown to all and sundry.

Girlies, I need all of you to comment because I've misplaced my address book and have things I need to send you XD which I'll hopefully do before I leave else you'll be getting "New Year" pressies instead.

Okay, bedtime now. Work tomorrow. Then more writing of the epic fic which is eating my brain. O_O.

ILU GUYS. Come look for my body if this fic does actually kill me, mmm'k?
Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ there's a bad moon on the rise }

re. thestopwatch fic:

Ugh. I've managed maybe 700words in the last 2hours. And I've run out of Irn-Bru. This is not good.

Epic fic is epically killing me. omg.

edt. crested the 11,000word mark. this alone is enough to make me flail. I still have maybe three "parts" and a huge-ass "chapter" to complete in, oh, half an hour? ::snorts:: yeah, that's not realistically going to happen. I fail at self-imposed deadlines too apparently. however, determined Caspe is determined, this fic WILL be completed, damnit. if I have to work my fingers to bleeding stumps to do it, I will, it shall be done! </end drama.