November 9th, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

nov 08: twfanfic: Jack Harkness makes a promise [Jack Harkness/Fem!Ianto Jones]

Jack Harkness makes a promise;
part 1, part 2;
Jack Harkness, Fem!Ianto Jones;
PG-Rated; Coda “Almost Perfect”; 1230words;
For erin_giles who wanted a "happier" woobie
 (an endevour I've no doubt failed in XD)

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Crossover \\ Eight/Ianto

nov 09: TW/DWFanFic: Romancing the Storm [Eight/Ianto]

by indiefairy
Romancing the Storm;
Eighth Doctor, Ianto Jones; PG-Rated; 1000words;
With all my love to indiefairy for inadvertedly inspiring this piece,
and for then offering to provide the lush banner for it too.
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