November 1st, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

How did I not know that Colin Morgan was in Doctor Who!?

So apparently Colin Morgan was in an episode of Doctor Who entitled "Midnight". How did I not know about this!? Further more, how is it I completely managed to miss the fact that there was an episode entitled "Midnight"!? Okay. I mean, I get how I maybe could have missed a Doctor Who episode (kind of :S) but I sure as hell know I would not have missed Emoboy up there ::points at picture:: HUBBA HUBBA. But then this could be my irrational Merlin love shining through. Anyone see this episode? Know if it's worth watching? omg don't answer that! of course it's worth watching! what I'm really asking for is the episode itself! XD

In other news, some form of fiction coming soon in order to keep up my pledge of Caspe Fic Writing Month Semi-kinda-NaNoWriMo. FTW YS?