October 31st, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

happy halloween & nanowrimo & stuff

by lucy_locket

Good evening, beloved flisters! How are we all doing this evening? I've been ill all week but am feeling quite a bit better as of tonight and so shall ventre into work tomorrow for the first time in a week. But that is neither here nor there if I'm honest! Just some random chit-chat before I start with my other random ramblings. So really, how is everyone? Anyone out there celebrating Halloween/Samhain? Anyone trick-or-treating or planning on throwing eggs at those who are? ::grins at dancy_dreamer:: Tell me what's happening in the world of YOU. For serious, guys.

In the world of me, aside from being sick, there's not been a whole lot going. Which is made of loads of epic fail if I'm honest, but these things can't really be helped. Started again on my thestopwatch fic this evening and managed to work out a kink that's been annoying me since I finished reading the Torchwood novels (damn that Tosh not believing in ghosts!). The way I've got this story planned, there'll be around eight parts. The first of which is at about 3000words. I'll be really interested to find out just how big this story will have grown to by the time it's done! But I'm really excited about it and my plot and even my miffy-maybe-ending. Ya'll will keep prodding me about this, ys? It's due for submission in about three weeks time!!!

In other news, just realised/found out that it's NaNoWriMo time again. Now, no one panic, I am NOT planning on taking part this year XD I did however find out about two other forms of this event- one where you have to post a blog entry every day for the rest of November and one where you have to post a fic of a specific word count every day for a month. Now, again I'm not signing up for either of these, but I think it's a good idea and sure to get me back into a groove in regards to writing. Maybe ;D so I'm thinking I'll endeavour to combine the blog and fic thing so that I'm posting *something* everyday for the rest of November. Anyone want to jump aboard with this endeavour?

Also, if you leave prompts, pairings and fandoms I'll try and write drabbles/fics to them as the month goes on. Sound like a plan? Rock on. If you're not sure I'll write for a fandom just comment with it anyway and I'll let you know/give it a shot!

Now though, I'm going to curl up in bed and rewatch the Jekyll tv-series :D it seemes appropriately sinister for this evening, all things considered. That and it's completely fuelling my Moffat and Nesbitt love <33