October 12th, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

Countdown to The Hub : 5 days...

...and where, oh where, have the days gone?! I hadn't realised I was so MIA as of late till I went to update my Hub count and discovered that OMG THERE ARE ONLY FIVE DAYS TO GO!!!! How flaily is that?! XD

I'm pretty much sorted for The Hub as well. Just a few bits and pieces to get sorted tomorrow, as well as a suitcase to find and pack and that's me done. I'm oddly organised despite not having gone out to get much of anything in preperation. ftw for having everything already at hand! How's everyone else getting on with their Hub stuff? Outfits sorted? Tickets printed? Flail and Squee threatening to overwhelm ya'll? Tell me all!

And, well we're on the subject of flail and squee, I have news! XD very squeeful news of epic and squeeful proportions...


...got your attention? Oh yeah, babies, you read that right! Your's truely is in the Torchwood Novel "Skypoint". Some of you may remember that back in April, at The Rift event, I met the author Phil Ford and after getting his signature, he told me that he loved my name and would I mind if he used it in his next novel. I was all like "hell yeah, please use it!" but never really though he would. You know? But he has! And I am so giddy and on high and if I ever meet the man again I'ma have to hug him or kiss him or something XD

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::big shit-eating grin::

edt: the awesome indiefairy  has now iconed me! XD LOVE. I am way too giddy about this. and ya'll are making me blush asking for autographs! omg don't stop!