September 17th, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

So, it's -ah- been a while...

Flist! ::tacklegloms ya'll:: I feel like I've been away for simply forever, and yet it's only been a week at the most. Thankfully (for me moreso than you lot, perhaps!) I seem to have corrected the laptop drama I was having (lots of rebooting, virus scanning, removing and reuploading of programs) and things are running a whole load more smoothly now as a result. Thank ye lords. I was tearing my hair out for the best part of the week.

And because I haven't been online to bombard everyone with my drama, here's some word vomit for ya'll ;D don't say I don't love you guys! hehe.

§ First thing's first: HUB CONFIRMATION LETTER CAME TODAY!! flail much, moi? XD Georgie-darling, we are S88 & S89, for whatever that means (seating perhaps?) Not a bad number at all I suppose, especially since we were pretty late on in deciding to go XD ::twirls you in excitement::

§ In further Hub squee, GARETH DAVID-LLOYD HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!! Yes, I know, I'm terribly late to this party but I couldn't very well update ya'll with my rambles and not take a moment to squee over this! I was getting wibbly after I heard that we'd be getting JB's body double, another Weevil and the Sex-Gas alien chick, but now that we've got GDL (and Tommy!) I couldn't care less if the rest of the cast of Weevils gets invited because I'm already in heaven! X) ::flaily motions:: How many days have we got left to wait, guys?

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§ I got the prompt I wanted for thestopwatch's [ Holiday Bang ] fest XD I am beyond chuffed about this. The bunnies are freely flowing, I've got most of the plot planned out and, having just looked over the prompt, have just realised that the one I got was actually requested by someone I "know" on LJ. Which makes me even more eager to make sure this fic is made of the win! heh. Anyone else on my flist signing up for this one?

§ I recently read an online interview with Gareth in which he mentioned Kai Owen and how awesome he was and how Ianto and Rhys would be BFF's forever because they were awesome Welsh men, etc, but can I find it again? anywhere? No! Anyone know what I'm on about?

§ I ended up caving and purchasing both the Prison Break S3 and Supernatural S3 DVDs on Monday, despite not having money for either of them. Damn me and my complete lack of self-control. I now have a creditcard balance that makes me cringe and no nails left from the OMGFLALY finale episodes of PB- which for some reason I never got round to watching before I bought the DVDs. Though nothing will ever beat S1, S3 very definitely kicks S2's arse. Just smile and nod guys, smile and nod! XD alas my PB brothers don't have nearly so much obvious love going on as my SPN boys do. I'm in the process of obtaining PB S4 and flailing over the fact that SPN S4 starts tomorrow night!!! Yay for all my series being back on the telly XD

§ The first episode of House MD has just finished downloading, excuse me whilst I rush off now to flail all over it. There was alot more I wanted to say in this post but the lure of teh House means I'ma have to forgo anymore word vomit for the moment... bet you're all so very disappointed ;)

Will reply to any and all comments I've got pending asap!