July 25th, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

ombijezus! - sandiago comic con flail

Why, flist? Why do the Americans get this kind of awesome lush before us!? It's just so damn unfair! XD

Warnings for: John/Gareth groping and almost-kiss & John/Naoko swoony-kiss! <33

::flails like a flaily thing:: We can has this at The Hub too, ys?
Me \\ CS Wolfe


...somebody remind me why RPS would be a bad thing in this case?

[ more pictures by griggharris ]

And just purely for the love:

[ * ] John has names for everyones bits'n'pieces! XD ...Gareth is no longer the Welshman. Nor even dearest Welshcakes. He is, in fact, MR BIG ::winkwink, nudgenudge::
[ * ] Shag, Marry or Cliff? ...Where John says he'd totally marry Gareth and omg that makes my heart flutter ridiculiously so!
[ * ] Alas I cannot find the link, but there's a post somewhere with John talking about there being alot of Captain Jack in himself and alot of himself in Captain Jack and Gareth butts in with there also being "alot of Ianto there too" and omg, could these boys be any more adorable!? 
[ * ] And um. So it's kind of unrelated to the SDCC but... pictures of John&Scott from last night's "The Making of Me" to remind me that John&Scott are the most adorable couple ever and totaly equal love. And that I must not slash John with Gareth. Because that would be naughty. Very, very naughty. ::looks shifty::