July 18th, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ Sticks and Stones }

 So I'ma scrolling through the flist and spot this request on one of the communities:

"Does anyone know of any post cyberwoman rape fics(Janto obviously)" [source]

And I'm thinking to myself, 'ooo post-cyberwoman fic!' And click to see what's being linked. For some reason I decided to re-read the actual request and upon realisation, took a moment to blink and was all 'Oooooh!'. Not that that put me off XD but it really surprised me that even though we all know themes like this are read and written all the time, I hadn't really expected to find someone *asking* for it, you know? Which of course sounds rather silly now that I think about it, but well!

That said, I was even more surprised to find "Sinnerman*" linked in reply! ...is it terribly horrible of me to feel so jubilant over that? I do have a rather large soft spot for all my "darker" pieces of fiction. 

*[Sinnerman | Jack/Ianto | R/18-Rated | Dubious Consent & Violence] Though not technically a rape-fic, it is somewhat bordeline on the whole consent thing, in that the reader is never entirely sure whether Ianto truly wants it or not. In all honestly I'm not sure, even having written it, whether Ianto himself knew whether he wanted it or not at the time. methinks he doth protest too much, and all. Also, it's not exactly a post Cyberwoman fic. It certainly has some unspoken conotations that could relate it to Ianto's actions in that episode, but I never actually did give a reason for the sudden atmosphere and Jack and Ianto needing to have their, er, confrontation. Hmmm. Interesting how the mind works, sometimes.