June 30th, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

That Torchwood Series Two Boxset

Beloved flist, as you may well know the Torchwood Series Two boxset was released today! I'm sure most of you are thinking along the lines of "YAY DVDS!!!" but to be honest? They're really nothing to get excited about. In fact, they're actually pretty damn depressing.

Sure we get all those lush episodes, the mini-declassifieds (why not just the fullblown versions!?) some deleted scenes, some outtakes and one featurette on the "many deaths of Captain Jack", but that's it.

We get no commentaties (which we knew about but still count), no blooper real or video diaries or episode guides and certainly nowhere near the 14featurettes we got with the last Series! And damnit but I wanted my minute long Jack/Ianto snog. Why have they deprived me this!? This one scene that could have redeemed their whole goddamned boxset!? Grr. They get one- ONE- bonus point for this deleted scene here:

Deleted Scene: From Meat: Jack/Ianto

...are we finished grinning like loons and contemplating just what Jack was doing with his hand? ::waggles eyebrows::


How about now?

Good. Now that you've seen that scene, I recommend you fav it, download the series via some supa-seekrit and sneaky means and voilla! You've saved yourself £30-something quid you can spend in the pub instead, drowning your sorrows and bemoaning the complete and utter fail that is the boxset. Even the menu screen pales in comparison to the snazz we got with the Series One set. B'zah!? Just what is all that about?? Ugh. Trust me guys, a hangover will be more exciting that this boxset is.

YOU FAIL DVD MAKERS! FAIL. ::pouty face::

edt: and no, joulez217, the fact that the box is red does not in anyway make up for its complete and utter fail XD