June 12th, 2008

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mini-hiatus: london weekend, the third

Mini-Hiatus: London Weekend
The Third

Am away to London for the weekend with my sister, starting at 5am tomorrow morning. Yes, I know. I apparently have some condition that requires me to go jolling at these god-aweful times, like I've got nothing better to do at 5am! What, sleep? Pfft! Sleep is for sane peope, and clearly I'm lacking some of that! ;)

But anywho! London. For roughly three days. The plan? To go and see The Lord of the Rings in theatre (YAY, not only because it's LotR, but also because it'll be my first "proper" trip to the theatre!), seeing the Tutankhamun exhibition (YAY for mouldy old mummy's and all things Egyptian ;D), and random shopping, because my sister is like that and will make me feel horribly under/over-dressed until I fail and let her coax me into buying something I really don't need for some ridiculous amount of cash. She will proptly steal whatever I buy by the time we're back home and I'll see hide nor hair of it for the duration of its existance. Delightful.

I know I'm probably ridiculously behind on the flist and all the fic you guys seem to be posting now! But will catch up with ya'll when I return, promise X) 

All my love,