June 2nd, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ in the old churchyard }

Does anyone have any music by A Perfect Circle? I've rediscovered my undying love of them and find myself having to listen to "Weak & Powerless" on repeat (which, tbh, is not a bad thing) for lack of having any other tracks! Help?

Also, ya'll know how risqué my plot bunnies are being as of late? And how very fickle I can be with my attention span when it comes to sticking to the writing of one fic at a time? Aha? Well, my icon will give you a hint as to the next fic I'm plotting out. kink_bingoprompt "Object Penetration (objects not designed for sex)" is to thank blame for this one. 

and i am so looking forward to writing it!