April 21st, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ i just want you to know who i am }

I was going to make a comment about how our beloved Gareth is getting his cream-puff on (aka, he's looking adorably chubbier than usual XD) but I just happened to notice something I hadn't when I posted that picture of him last night...

(more hat!pwn images)

...and omg would you please look at his hat. Yes. Hat. His hat is leather. Leather, people. LEATHER!!! UNGHFLAILDED LEATHER!!! omg how did I not realise this before!? My kink for seeing him in such material (though not nearly satisfied) is so very pleased by this revelation. OMG HE NEEDS TO WEAR THAT HAT THIS SATURDAY SO I CAN MOLEST HIM STEAL IT!!!

Oh! Oh! And one last thing... if you want to listen to Gareth talking about gay sex, and fisting XD XD XD check out this post [ here ] you will both blush furiously and laugh yourself silly I'm sure. ::still giggling::