March 14th, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe

Of the mini Captain and his two lieutenants...

 From BBCAmerica: Captain's Blog: Entry 17

"Security: Ah, security. We laugh at the word. To be fair, Rhys was going to discover us sooner or later, he’s not stupid. It turned out to be helpful, as he was our way into the warehouse, and proved himself to be brave and resourceful. Thankfully. If he’d got killed, I think Gwen would have grabbed a knife and made me go through eternity without the use of my mini Captain and his two lieutenants."

B'WAHAHAHAAA!!! Bet it was Ianto who named them XD

Gosh, so behind on reading these things! Love them so hard. Apparently, Jack's getting used to being hand cuffed by Ianto (YAY) and Ianto actually likes it when Jack gives him a "stern talking to" (LOL). 

Just how is one supposed to punish such a devilishly kinky Welshman like Ianto Jones?