January 1st, 2008

Me \\ CS Wolfe


My phone died half-way through sending everyone txts to wish ya'll a HAPPY NEW YEAR, so if you're one of the ones who didn't get a text, consider this it!! XD <-- btw, this is what I look like right now. zomg am well pished. it's taking everything I have to make sure I'm spelling everything okay!! LMAO 


::smishes you all::

I may have more sense to lock this in the morning... later this morning.... if I'm up in time to refer to today as morning. :::::S woah, this is taking too much brain power. I need bagels. And water. And ma bed. XD heh. My nose is numb. Did I ever mention my nose goes numb when I'm tipsy/drunk?? Well it does. zomg am I making any sense? My eyes are pure drooping now :S stoopid phone dying- DOESN'T IT KNOW I HAVE PEEPS TO TXT!? alas. woah. room is kinda wonky. kinda fun XD need bed. want Ianto XD ne'body gots him to share?? XD 

Note to self: though the spelling and grammar may be up to par, Capse should not be allowed online when drunk. srsly. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

zomg did i mention i played the wii tonight?! lmao gots it for my xmas. but i was playing my cousin's tonight (who i was out with= awesome family ftw) and i almost won the bowling thingy we played. cool ys? i got strikes! that's never happened before! though i did bear my dad at golf that one time and... i forget my point. :S did i have one?> woah. capital letters wtf. my heads all woozy. did i mention I LOVE YOU ALL?? ys? okay XD  ummm.... bye? maybe... ooooo woozy....

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year in the life : 2oo7

For the first time in two years, I wasn't ill for New Years (yeah!) not that I usually celebrate the transition between one year and the next but it's always nice to have the option. This said, I still spent the 1st flat on my back for most of the day ;D but it was totally worth it.

Now, as this is traditionally the time for resolutions and reflections and jazz, here's my little contribution in relation to fic posted in 2007!

Round up of fiction posted in 2007...

Collapse )

Fiction Totals | Estimated Word Count*:
Crossovers: 6fics | 37092words
Dr Who: 1fic | 578words
Heroes: 2fics | 305words
House M.D.: 1fic | 100words
Supernatural: 1 | 1251words
Torchwood: 16fics | 13662words

*Doesn't exclude headers/story info/author notes. Counts taken from beyond-redemption.net.

I'm not wholly impressed with my achievements on the fic writing front this year, especially in comparison to [ last year ] which makes this a very depressing round up of 2007! True the drama has been worse this year (but the squee a helluva lot better!!), but I'd like to think my writing-per-month would at least have stayed on par or something- what the hell have I been doing all year?! :S Resolutions for this next year will of course involve pulling my finger out of my arse and actually getting fic written!