October 3rd, 2007

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Torchwood/Heroes FanFic: Small Talking [Genfic: Owen, Peter]

Title: Small Talking
Beta(s)moryssaand tiggerbrasilf<3
Rating(s): U-Rated.
Pairing(s): Gen: Peter Petrelli, Owen Harper
Warning(s): None.
Story Notes: This is a spin off fic to my story ‘Just Like The Wind’, showing a “missing” scene between Peter and Owen that will not be seen in the parent story. It is set immediately after chapter sixteen.

Written For: johanirae; who celebrated her birthday last week and asked for a scene between Peter and Owen for her giftfic. I hope this has everything you wanted, darling. I don’t write Owen all that much; I find him a strange sort of character to play around with as I’m never entirely sure whether I like or dislike the guy. Still, it was fun to try my hand at this! All my love, babes :)
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