September 23rd, 2007

Me \\ CS Wolfe

Torchwood does Brokeback Mountain. Ys?

So, I've tentatively decided which fic idea I'm going to go with for tardis_bigbang. And, figuring that I may as well get some of my 'research' done for the piece before things go live, I pulled up the character profile for Ianto Jones on wikipedia and about bust a gut when I read a certain line from his character profile for 'End of Days':

"After believing Jack was dead, a distraught Ianto breathes in the scent of his coat, in a scene reminiscent of
Brokeback Mountain, and seeing Jack alive at the end of the episode, the two kiss upon reunion." [link]

Is it just me or does anyone get the giggles at the thought of Torchwood being in any way linked to Brokeback Mountain? Maybe I should have added that to the list of possible fics to write ;D
Also, please to be spamming me with your favourite pictures of the Torchwood characters? I realised I'm sufficiently lacking in pictures of anyone other than cast members (and when I say *cast* members, ya'll know I'ma talking about Gareth David-Lloyd here!)