September 9th, 2007

Me \\ CS Wolfe

Caspe is back in town!

Hey flist,

Just a wee update to let ya'll know that I'm back in the land of the fandom! :D

Have spent some of today catching up on comments and the flist. Sorry if I don't manage to reply to your posts though, you guys sure know how to spam a gal over the course of a week! ::smishes you all::

I've missed ya'll so much! Lemme know your drama, 'k??


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Me \\ CS Wolfe

Torchwood/Heroes FanFic: If The Rain Must Fall [Jack/Nathan]

Title: If The Rain Must Fall
Fandom: Torchwood / Heroes.
Rating(s): R-Rated.
Pairing(s): (gen) Jack Harkness, Nathan Petrelli.
Summary: With Peter's disappearance, Jack and Nathan find themselves having to work together in an endeavour to locate Nathan's wayward brother.

Story Notes
: This is a spin off arc to my story
Just Like The Wind (overall series: Save the Welshman) and will follow Jack and Nathan through the events already described in the parent story, so it is advisable to read that story first. This piece takes place after the events explained in chapter 7.
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