June 24th, 2007

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Monday T3 Recs

Monday Recs
(from the torchwood_three newsletter)
I decided it was past time I updated my list of recs from the T3 newsletter. Hope ya'll enjoy these as much as I did!

**NEW** Editor's Choice: Fanart: Costal Winds by johanirae[Crossover: TW/Heroes | Ianto/Peter Petrelli | PG-Rated]
Why I liked it: I am completely biased in choosing this for the Editor's Choice, but for good reason- it is a superb piece of fanart for a start, and I am in complete awe of johanirae's use of watercolour, not to mention the way she's captured the moment between Ianto and Peter (who look positively gorgeous, if I may say)!

**NEW** Editor's Choice:
First Impressions by travels_in_time[Jack, Ianto | G-Rated | Spoilers for Cyberwoman and Dr Who episode "Doomsday"]
Why I liked it: Ianto, in this piece, is so wonderfully numbed by the immediate aftermath of Doomsday as he searches frantically for survivers (one in particular) with the help of Jack Harkness. You get a real sense of desolution from the way travels_in_timewrites his character, enabling the reader to feel just as not-quite-there as Ianto himself is at the time.

**NEW** Editor's Choice:
Undone by jadesfire2808[Jack | 12-Rated]
Why I liked it: It's a very poignant Jack-centric story, that takes a sneak peak into one moment of his life and leaves us, the reader, somewhat saddened by the events that take place. jadesfire2808labels the piece in her warnings as dealing with "potentially sensitive themes", I'd take head of this before jumping in to read!

**NEW** Editor's Choice: _illuminez's
Torchwood icons (9 animated + 13 stills)
Why I liked it: It's the animated icons I'm most fond of, there's something so very beautiful about their simplicity that has the fangirl in me snagging almost every single one :D

**NEW** Editor's Choice:
The Harkness Supremacy by fangrrl_squees [Crossover: TW/James Bond/Jason Bourne | Slash | R-Rated]
Why I liked it: It's very well done for a non-typical crossover! I'd certainly never entertained the thought of a fic featuring Jack Harkness, James Bond and Jason Bourne before, but boy was this a pleasure to read. The plot is great, the characters are spot on, and for those of you looking for the slash, Jack more than makes up for what little there is by being his usual exuberant and flirtatious self!

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