March 19th, 2007

Me \\ CS Wolfe

On writing and stuffs

It occurs to me that I haven't written and posted anything in about two months. I'd like to blame this on my fandom-hopping, but the likely culprite is more likely to be my sheer lack of motivation when it comes to writing up the ideas I've been jotting down like there's no tomorrow. I have so many WIP ideas for all the fandoms I'm currently obsessing over and yet whenever I try to write for any of them I find myself being so easily distracted by some new sparkly or other that's completely useless to me in terms of getting my arse in gear. It's rather sucky. And might I add that I really do hate this lack of productivity. 

So, as a solution I'm opening this post in the hopes that you, my beloved flist, will leave me a fandom and/or pairing and a prompt word, so that I may drabble you a little something and hopefully get my muses and deamons back in business! Pretty please??

Other stuffs of interest:
-- Lookit flist! I managed to get my journal header back! 
cs_whitewolf cs_whitewolfcs_whitewolf
Isn't it exciting? I'm thinking of finding something a little more fandom-centric now that I've got the theme/style layers for the header sorted, though I really do love Sean Kernan's artworks. Dilemma! [See, this would be classed as something sparkly and distracting! Dammit.]

-- I was recently (read: earlier this evening) reminded that I have a Bebo account. It's somewhat cringeworthy I feel, but since many of my real life friends are on it I figured I'd better spruce the thing up a bit. I don't suppose anyone else is insane lucky enough to actually have one?? [This would be classed as sparkly number two, though maybe it's more of a "dull shine" in terms of the sparkly.]

-- I'm sure there was something else I was wanting to mention, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was now. How typical. Having just glanced at the time however, I'm not willing to wait around procastinating untill I remember. So, this will be all from me for now! thnxkbye!