December 24th, 2006

Me \\ CS Wolfe

The Big Bad Wolf

Oh! Oh! Totally meant to gush about my Dr Who Season One DVDs which arrived last weekend- they're so pretty and make me feel insanely better about being ill XD

Only, as a Jack fangirl, I couldn't help skipping straight to the extras about Captain Harkness and watching that with a loony grin upon my face. Is it my fault the last three episodes of Season One were on the same disk? Nope. So I ended up watching those three first and was appropriately squeed and saddened and OMG I JUST CLOCKED ONTO SOMETHING!!! Okay, it's probably been mentioned to death over on the Dr Who comms but I just found it and thought I'd share it with my fellow Torchwood freaks friends:

In the episode 'Bad Wolf' when Rose is facing the Ann Droid she asks the following question:

Q. The great cobalt pyramid is built on the remains of which famous old earth institute? 
A. Torchwood

Course I had to rewind and replay a few times to make sure I'd heard it right, but was apropriately wowed at it. I wonder which institute it was... the London one, maybe? Think it's something the writers actually plan to make something of or was it just a name drop? Could be fun to speculate on at least, if it hasn't actually been done to death. And just what is a/the cobalt pyramid?
Torchwood is on tonight at 9:30pm, folks! Thank goodness I checked the TV Guide for that one.