November 2nd, 2006

Me \\ CS Wolfe

A little dilemma

So NaNoWriMo officially started yesterday and my word count thus far is still at ZERO. Why? Well the idea I was planning on writing died such a spectacular death that I've been left in a lurch over just what the hell to write. For a moment I even considered writing a 50,000word fanfic- but er, PLOT!? 

Hurrumph. I'll be puzzling over this dilemma tonight and praying for a flash of inspiration from somewhere. Thank ye lords I’ll have the next two weeks off work in which to make up for my delaying now.

(The only good news? The fact that I've got NaNo to do has got lots of House fanfic bunnies frolicking and producing many tasty one-off ideas. Now if only they’d come up with something of substance!)