September 4th, 2006

Me \\ CS Wolfe

FanArt: for 'Flowers, for me?' [art by Johanirae]

Zomg, I cannot express how unbelievably psyched I am right now! The wonderfully talented johanirae has created a piece of fanart for my House/Wilson fic 'Flowers, for me?' [Part II]. I am gushing so much right now- the picture is just so perfect, it's everything I imagined the scene to be like- just, seriously, no words right now!

“I’m sure he’s just-,” She began kindly only to be interrupted by a rather rumpled looking Wilson all but falling into the conference room, a sheepish grin on his face and a bunch of half-strangled flowers clasped in one hand.  )

I implore you all to go and oogle the prettyness and to leave lots of wonderful comments for Johanirae!

::bouncing off the walls::