February 14th, 2006

Me \\ CS Wolfe

By_The_Fountain: Firenze Fest

Firenze Fest

I posted a note about this fest at the beginning of February, 
but whether you guys noticed it or not I'm not entirely sure so I thought I'd pimp it again 
[especially since no one off my flist has signed up for it :( ]

Basically the Firenze Fest is a ficathon for everybody's favourite centaur, you get to pick a number between 1 and 50 (mind and check out the numbers that have already been claimed!), and you will be given the name of the character your number relates to, you're challenge is to write a fic/make some art of Firenze and that character in whatever way you please. Fics/Art can be shippy or gen, whatever you like! And the good news is once you've got your character you're free to post whenever you like, up until the deadline day of March 31st. How generous is that? :D

So folks please go sign up! I need *someone* from my flist to sign up, it's bad form for a co-mod who can't get her flist involved in a fest she's running, don't you know. ;) Besides, I need someone to pick *me* a number as well (since I can't very well pick one for myself!)

Go forth now, my flist! Sign your life away up to the Firenze Fest!

CS WhiteWolf